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Being obsessed with something can sometimes lead to addiction problems in the future. However, if it is something that keeps you in the pink of health, it is definitely worth continuing with the habit. A good example would be yoga. There are some people who admitted that once they started practicing it on a regular basis, they do not see themselves quitting the practice anytime in the near future.

This article follows Amy and her friend, who both are yogis. As Amy mentioned, we live in a very modern world where technology is constantly advancing. We are exposed to new and unknown things on a daily basis. This goes the same for exercises and workouts, which can be easily retrieved from online websites. Advertisements and commercials are being exposed to us every single day, even if we do not notice it. There are many promotions out there for exercise machines which usually shows the before and after results. This can be rather tempting towards us at times, especially when we are searching for fast results. However, let’s be perfectly honest here. When we actually do purchase such equipment, how many times do we actually use it? Most of the time, we will end up chucking it aside after just a few tries.

So how is yoga different and how does it attract one to stay on with it? Amy stated that besides being a great form of exercise, yoga harmonises the body, mind and spirit. It is the satisfying feeling one gets after each class that keeps bringing them back. The vibes, both physically and mentally, creates positive energy around you that helps to overcome sadness and depressing feelings. Amy related yoga to the forces of good, where it aids in battling evil. There are addictions such as alcohol and cigarettes that aren’t the best for our health. However, yoga is one of those addictions that contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

In the stressful environment that we live and work in, yoga can be the perfect remedy. Even if you have tried it before and do not feel the same connection, we would recommend you to continue searching somewhere else. Yoga has something to offer to each and everyone of us. Once you have found a suitable class and instructor, you would not want to give up on it either.

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