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[iconwrapper][iconbox title=”From JMs Alice Goh, 34, Clementi” icon=”icon-thumbs-up” width=”sixteen”]

” I’ve been to quite a number of fitness schools for their trial lessons, but I’ve always felt left out. I was unable to keep up and there is usually little or no assistance from the teachers as they have to conduct the lesson within an hour. Hence, I decided to sign up for the Hatha Yoga private lessons with OMG Yoga, along with another friend. On the first lesson, I immediately realised the difference it makes as the instructor was able to guide us throughout the lesson. In my honest opinion, it is sure worth the money I invested! I’ll definitely recommend private classes to all beginners! “[/iconbox]

[iconbox title=”From Mr Malcolm Wong, 28, Sengkang” icon=”icon-thumbs-up” width=”sixteen”]

” To be honest, my wife was the one who dragged me into this. I felt extremely reluctant at first because I thought that yoga is usually more suitable for ladies. After my wife kept persuading me, I decided to give it a shot. We took up Yin Yoga lessons and I’m so happy I joined my wife. I felt a total change when I’m put in a difficult situation. I realised that yoga has helped me to remain calm and focus. I’ll like to thank the school, on behalf of my wife as well, for helping us in coordinating and making the necessary arrangements for an incredible and friendly instructor! ”[/iconbox]

[iconbox title=”From Mr Low Teck Chuan, 19, Aljunied” icon=”icon-thumbs-up” width=”sixteen”]
” The reason I attended Vinyasa Flow Yoga lessons was because of my mum! She suggested that my whole family of 4 should take up private yoga classes together. I’ve never thought that yoga will be suitable for youngsters like me, but I guess I was wrong. In fact, I’m enjoying the lessons and I’ve absolutely no regrets. It might not be the most “sporting” of all sports available, but it still does help to train and tone my muscles. Furthermore, the instructor is fun and caters to our individual needs. Yoga is definitely something that I’ll recommend to my friends too! ”[/iconbox]

[iconbox title=”From Mrs Tan Wei Ling, 50, Woodlands” icon=”icon-thumbs-up” width=”sixteen”]

” I signed up for the Pilates Matwork lessons to keep myself in shape. I was pretty afraid at first because of my age and I wasn’t sure if I was capable. Well, I would like to say a big thank you to OMG Yoga for referring a really patient and understanding instructor to me. She was able to tailor the lesson to my pace and make the lesson enjoyable. It has only been a month so far, but I’m pretty sure that I’m going to continue on for a long time. “[/iconbox]
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