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Prenatal Yoga

“Prepare your body for labour and delivery with Prenatal Yoga!”

Prenatal Yoga is a great form of exercise to get you ready for childbirth. In fact, it is far from just being a physical exercise. It also brings into play the mental aspect, opening both your body and mind to what lies ahead. At the same time, it also guides a woman on how to connect better to the child in her womb. This is the reason why many pregnant ladies opt to go for Prenatal Yoga classes.

What does “Prenatal” mean?

Prenatal refers to the stage of pregnancy that is before the birth of a child. This is also the stage which involves prenatal care and development for the baby.

What is the purpose of Prenatal Yoga?

As mentioned, the ultimate goal of Prenatal Yoga is to allow pregnant ladies to connect on a deeper level with their child. Concurrently, the practice is also to improve the strength, endurance and stamina when one goes into labour.

What are the benefits of Prenatal Yoga?

It is strongly recommended to take up Prenatal Yoga during the early stages of pregnancy, so that you will be able to reap all of the benefits.

    • Improve Balance

You’ll be able to improve on your balance without putting too much strain on the joints.

    • Control Breathing

The techniques that you learn from Prenatal Yoga will be of great help when you go through labour.

    • Keep Fit

Prenatal Yoga enables you to lead a healthy lifestyle without having to worry about affecting your child.


The lesson fee shown below is fixed and nett. We DO NOT charge GST or any other hidden cost.




Fixed Schedule Class Rates:



1 Class

4 Classes

1 S$100 S$300
2 S$125 S$360
3 S$150 S$420
4 S$180 S$480



8 Classes

12 Classes

1 S$560 S$780
2 S$680 S$960
3 S$800 S$1,140
4 S$920 S$1,320




Flexible Schedule Class Rates:



4 Classes

8 Classes

1 S$380 S$720
2 S$440 S$840
3 S$500 S$960
4 S$560 S$1,080



12 Classes

1 S$1,020
2 S$1,200
3 S$1,380
4 S$1,560