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Terms and Conditions for Customers

OMG Yoga Singapore only provides referrals to customers for yoga classes. Any services that OMG Yoga Singapore or the freelance instructor provide is subjected to the terms and conditions listed below. By engaging in the services of OMG Yoga Singapore, the customer has acknowledged that they have read and agreed to the terms and conditions below.

> Appointment of Yoga Instructors

Instructors are assigned to clients based on three criteria. Firstly, they are narrowed down based on the client’s selection of the type of yoga to participate in. Then, they are further narrowed down by the location/venue. Lastly, we always try our best to arrange an instructor whose schedule is able to match that of the client.

> Qualifications of Yoga Instructors

If the client wishes to verify the qualifications of our yoga instructors, kindly inform us. OMG Yoga Singapore will remind our instructors to produce their certificates on the first lesson. However, it will be the sole responsibility of the customer to verify the certificates.

> Payment of Yoga Classes Fees

Upon registeration, OMG Yoga Singapore will only reserve the slot for 3 working days. An advance payment of of the first month’s fee would be required for confirmation before commencement of the first lesson. This payment has to be made to OMG Yoga Singapore either via Internet Banking or ATM Transfer.

> Minimum Commitment Period

Clients are required to commit for at least 1 month or the equivalent of 4 lessons once lessons commenced.

> Make-up Class

Make-up classes are possible, but subjected to the instructor’s schedule. Regardless, a minimum of 4 lessons have to be completed within a one-month frame. Outstanding lessons can be forfeited without any notification.

> Change of Yoga Instructor

If the client deems the appointed yoga instructor unsuitable (with valid reasons), they can request for a change. However, the client can only do so upon completing the first lesson and before commencement of the second lesson. The first lesson will still be chargeable and clients will be required to top up a payment of one lesson to get a replacement instructor. OMG Yoga Singapore will permit clients to the change only if the instructor is the one at fault.

> Early Termination of Yoga Lessons

The full payment for the yoga lessons will still have to be made even if the client decides to terminate the lessons before completing the first month.

> Disclaimer

OMG Yoga Singapore will not be involved or held liable for any misunderstandings or disagreements arising between yoga instructor and client. We can only assure our clients that we gather feedback regularly on our instructors. Should we feel that any of them are deemed unsuitable, we will not assign them for any lessons.

OMG Yoga Singapore will also not be held responsible for any exceptional, indirect or consequential damages that might arise from the use of our website.