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Ananda Yoga

“Personalise your workout with Ananda Yoga!”

Ananda Yoga is a combination of asanas, pranayama, meditation techniques and yoga philosophy. It focuses on proper alignment, continual relaxation and increased awareness. More importantly, each asana is capable of adapting and catering to the needs of the one who is practicing it.




1 S$240 S$320
2 S$300 S$380
3 S$360 S$450
4 S$420 S$500
Term : 4 sessions per month
Frequency : Once a week
Duration : 60 minutes
Location : Your home or any convenient place

What does “Ananda” mean?

In Sanskrit, the word “Ananda” means bliss. It is termed this way to portray a blissful feeling upon practicing it.

What is the purpose of Ananda Yoga?

Ananda Yoga is designed to incorporate and unify the physical, mental and spiritual levels of your being. It is also an exceptional tool for spiritual growth.

What are the benefits of Ananda Yoga?

Through the various poses and body angles, you will be able to reap the benefits of Ananda Yoga. These angles assists in releasing energy throughout your body, ensuring that your body will attain balance. It is through balance that you will be able to enjoy a happier and healthier life.

  • Healing

  • Apart from keeping you fit and healthy, Ananda Yoga also has the ability to cure quite a number of diseases.

  • Stabilised Mind

  • Ananda Yoga aids you in recognising your inner-self through contemplation.

  • Positive Energy

  • Ananda Yoga teaches you to learn to have a more optimistic outlook in life.

  • Purified Soul

  • Ananda Yoga removes negative traits like selfishness and gives you a different mindset about the world.


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