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OMG Yoga Singapore

Clear Mind, Clear Soul, Clear Vision

“Peaceful Mind, Body & Soul Through Yoga Today!”

Group Yoga Classes

Our group yoga classes are affordable and yet engaging. We have various classes for you to choose from, each of different group size. This enables you to find the most suitable group for yourself. Class packages start from $90/pax.

Private Yoga Classes

Our private yoga class allows you to learn at YOUR own pace as well as YOUR preferred day, time and venue. It is suitable for all ages, levels and health conditions as the instructor will cater to YOUR needs. Prices range from $105/mth/pax.

Corporate Yoga Lessons

OMG Yoga offers corporate yoga classes for you and your colleagues. Our timing is flexible, whether it is during lunch or after work. Even if you are thinking of doing a one-time event, we can help to make arrangements too.

Who We Are?

OMG Yoga focus primarily on private classes based on your preferred venue (homes, offices, hotels, parks) and schedule. We do offer group classes, located at specified venues and fixed weekly sessions. Our instructors are all certified by schools recognised by the Yoga Alliance with experience in teaching.

For our Pilates instructors and Zumba dance teachers, they are certified as well and have been through the necessary training.
OMG Yoga offers an array of classes to allow all types of students an opportunity to enjoy the benefits regardless of age (kids/teens/adults/seniors), fitness levels or health conditions. So beginners can feel free to join us!

Yoga is an exercise to relax, breathe, meditate and relief stress. There are various postures and poses that attributes to different muscles, allowing you to find balance. There is no fixed module or program in the practice of yoga. Most people regard it as a form on ongoing learning to help create a better path in their life.

So what are you waiting for? Make an online booking on our website today to enjoy the promotion rate! We also conduct corporate classes and workshops. Do take note that we do not provide hot, Aerial and Reiki yoga for now.