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Janine O’Sullivan is a yoga instructor back in her home country of Ireland. In fact, she has been practicing as well as teaching yoga for years already. Nonetheless, she has returned multiple times to India to further her training. This month, she has already made plans to travel back to India to study yoga in an ashram and spend some time in the Himalayas along with her yoga mentor.


She will be having a rather packed and grueling schedule during the period she is there. In fact, training is seven days a week and starts as early as 4:30am in the morning and only finishes at 10:30pm in the night. “The course is very intense but it’s definitely worth it and my classes will be even better because of it,” she stated. After that, she will be heading over to the Himalayas to meet up with her yoga mentor, who has been studying and teaching yoga for over 40 years already. “I’m very excited, I will have a lot to learn from him,” she said.

Janine was originally trained in hatha yoga, but she always had a vision of training in India, which was the birthplace of yoga. Three years ago, she decided to head on over to learn a new style of yoga known as sivananda yoga. “It’s a very traditional style of yoga, included in it is the postures, relaxation, pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation,” she explained. She spent a total of five months there and told herself that she will come back again to further her yoga studies in advanced teacher training. She has no intention of breaking that promise as she heads over this month and will be training till the end of March.

Just two years ago, she became a resident at Mount Isa, after shifting from Western Australia, to be closer to her family. “I came over for a visit first to have a look and see how I felt about the place, then went back to WA and within a few weeks decided to move. So I packed up my car and drove for a week across Australia on my own to Mount Isa – it was great to see more of Australia,” she added.

Since March of last year, she has been teaching yoga to various individuals. “That’s the great thing about yoga, it doesn’t discriminate, anyone can benefit from it, regardless of age, sex or condition of health. I have had many wonderful reports from people who have been coming to the classes since March about the difference it has made to their lives, which is one of the reasons why I love teaching it. I don’t think of it really as a job, it’s more like a lifestyle for me and I love what I do,” she declared. For the full story, check it here.

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