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Last Friday, we were just talking about how yoga has evolved into so many variations, one of the more recent ones being Caponyasa, which is a combination of Capoeira with yoga and modern dance. Today, we discovered yet another unique variation of the practice. This is known as Bansi Yoga, otherwise also known as Flute Yoga. This style of yoga is a combination of traditional yoga, breathing exercises and flute melody.

In fact, it is a new healing therapy created by the S Vyasa Yoga University in India to combat stress. Currently, it is still pending approval, which will take place between August 9th to 12th at the third World Flute Festival, “Raasrang 2012”. A team of experts will be demonstrating the form of yoga and have a discussion on its healing powers. This will occur in twelve workshops over four days. “Bansi Yoga is a combination of yoga and flute used as a deep relexation technique in 40 minutes of cyclic meditations. The practitioner moves his limbs in a cyclic pattern and the flute, played as an accompaniment, allows him to relax. The relaxation induced is equivalent to eight hours of sleep,” said Arun Buddhiraja, the founder of the Krishna Prerna Foundation.

Arun also mentioned that in some of the poses, one will stand straight with his hands alongside at right angles. Then, he will move his hand in a cyclic motion to the flow from the music of the flute. The cyclic motion will flow from the hand to the fingers and to the shoulders. He stated that Bansi Yoga was created for two main groups of people. They are the corporate executives and the common people. In other words, almost everyone can give this new style a shot. For the full story, do check it out here.

Many individuals would have already known that soothing music is a great method of relieving stress. This is exactly the kind of music that a flute is capable of producing. Aside from relieving stress, soothing music has natural healing powers too. This is the part where most people are unaware of. That is why, by incorporating it into Bansi Yoga, it can become a form of healing therapy. Yoga, on its own already has the ability to heal and restore one’s condition. By combining both practices together, it makes it even better for anyone who practices it.

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