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As we are all aware of, yoga has many different styles to it. It can range from the commonly practiced, Hatha Yoga to the physically demanding, Power Yoga to the more varied, Vinyasa Yoga. It is nowhere near what we once thought of as just basic stretching and breathing exercises. In our modern day world, yoga has evolved so much that it is capable of catering to every individual. There is bound to be a certain style for each of us, we simply have to find it.


So what happens when yoga meets Capoeira? Yes, a new style of yoga known as Caponyasa is born. Capoeira is actually a form of Brazilian martial arts. Carlos Rodriguez, the creator of Caponyasa, decided to combine Capoeira with yoga and modern dance to provide a more interesting workout. This workout revolves around moves that were based upon agility, balance, and cardio. Hence, one should be prepared to sweat it out during a session.

“There’s a 360-element to this class which, like capoeira, has a circular movement designed to rapture you in it. The constant motion is great cardio and keeps the heart rate up, and for at least an hour, you’re out of your mind–just moving to the beat of your heart and breath,” stated Carlos. Let’s not forget that through such an intensive practice, you will be able to burn off quite a large amount of calories. Carlos estimates that in an hour session of Caponyasa, one can easily burn at least 800 calories. However, for those who wish to attempt such a class, do take note that it will be challenging and fast-paced. You can also expect to jump, kick, squat, down-dog and even perform a traditional capoeira move known as ginga. For more on the article, you can view it here.

As mentioned, nowadays it is very likely for one to be able to find a style of yoga that matches their own style. There are definitely some styles which are less demanding and focus more on the traditional stretching and breathing techniques. Then, there are those that involve more variety and movements. As for those that are more physically demanding, do note that you should be of a certain fitness level before you engage in them. For those individuals with medical conditions, always consult your doctor first before signing up for any yoga classes.

If you are looking for yoga classes in Singapore, why not try OMG Yoga? Unfortunately, we do not offer Caponyasa classes for now. However, do check our website for other available classes!

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