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At OMG Yoga, we always try our very best to cater to our students’ needs. Since inception, we have been receiving quite a number of requests with regarding to baby yoga classes. Well, we are more than happy to inform everyone that we are now offering private baby yoga classes. Just like all our private yoga class, classes will be conducted at either the client’s or instructor’s premises. Alternatively, it can be held outdoors such as in the park, an open field and even the beach should you prefer.



Aside from choosing your preferred venue, we will do our best to cater towards your available day as well as time slots. As for the rates wise, it will be priced similarly to that of our other private yoga classes. In other words, if it is just you and your baby, the fee will still be at S$240 every 4 classes, each class being an hour. Essentially, you will be enjoying two for the price of one!

However, do take note that slots are extremely limited as there are not many instructors out there who teaches such classes. Furthermore, those who do also have limited slots available. In case you are unsure and/or wondering about our instructors’ qualification, please be rest assured that they are all certified by schools recognised by the Yoga Alliance. Therefore, you do not need to worry as you will be getting your money’s worth with classes by our quality instructors.

Most individuals might wonder if it is really necessary to sign up for a baby yoga class. It really depends on each individual. However, there are definitely benefits when it comes to baby yoga classes. It enables you to build a strong relationship with your newborn. This ensures that both of you have a better understanding of one another, which eventually leads to a better connection. At the same time, you will be leading your newborn on a healthy lifestyle. By leading a healthy lifestyle, your newborn will grow up living healthier. This can prevent him/her from falling ill easily and build up their immune system.

If you are still undecided as to whether to sign up for the baby yoga class, perhaps you can refer over here to learn more about the purpose and benefits of baby yoga. If you decide that you would like to give it a go, remember to click on the register button. You will be led to another page for you to fill up your necessary details. Our coordinators will then get back to you regarding the necessary arrangements.

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