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Every once in awhile, we require a holiday that takes us away from the usual mundane and stressful work that we face with on a daily basis. Travelling does not mean that you have to forgo your yoga routine. It is definitely not a sacrifice you have or should make. Instead, try to incorporate it while you are travelling. It will allow you to have a far more relaxing and rejuvenating trip.

Roseann Day is one of those individuals who can’t go without yoga, especially when she is travelling. In fact, she mentioned that is the period when she requires it the most due to the cramped seats on airplanes and luggage to haul. “Yoga’s a wonderful exercise that doesn’t require any special equipment yet helps with strength and flexibility,” she stated. If she isn’t able to find any available classes, she will practice on her own in the hotel room in the morning. With yoga growing in popularity around the world, there are now more options being offered.

“Yoga is one of the most feasible ways to exercise while on the road — limited amount of equipment: You lay down a towel if you don’t have a mat. (It) can be practiced indoors or outdoors. And you don’t have to worry about bringing multiple pairs of shoes because you practice barefoot,” explained Marshall Sanders, a registered yoga teacher at VIDA Fitness and EPIC Yoga in Washington, D.C.

In fact, there are quite a number of hotels now that are offering classes or equipment. For those who do not, they would still help them find nearby yoga studios or private instructors. “It’s yet another way to empower our guests and motivate them to maintain their healthy lifestyle on the road. We’re seeing more and more travelers, individuals, guests, consumers realizing the importance of yoga as far as breathing, meditation, stretching,” said Jodi Sullivan, the senior director of global fitness for Hilton Worldwide.

There are even airports where you can practice yoga upon touching down. San Francisco International Airport is one, where they recently opened a dedicated yoga room. Other airports also have fitness centers on-site that offer day passes. For those yogis who aren’t able to remember all the poses, you can always refer to online websites, YouTube videos and even mobile phone applications. For the full story, you can refer here.

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