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Mignon had to lay off over hundred individuals within a short span of just five years. In the back of her mind, she knew that this could eventually happen to her as well. At the age of 55 years old, it finally did happen to her. This left her in disappointment and uncertainty about her future. If things were not bad enough, her health began to decline as well. Initially, she felt achy and had trouble breathing. She soon discovered that she was suffering from a chronic lung condition known as severe emphysema. After contracting of Lyme disease, it was followed with debilitating arthritis.

With the sudden loss of her career and a downfall in her health, Mignon felt that her life was spinning out of control. At that point of time, her daughter, who is a massage therapist and yoga instructor, introduced her to yoga. Then, Mignon did not have must faith in yoga and would always put it off by simply saying that she will give it a try some other day. It was only during a beach trip with a friend that she actually gave it a go.

From there, she fell in love with the practice. This eventually led her to take up a 200-hour yoga teacher training, so that she could pass down the practice to others. Mignon feels that she has finally found her calling despite the fact that she is being tethered to an oxygen tank. Now at 66 years old, she is still teaching classes three times a week. She might not be able to perform a headstand, but she definitely has the wisdom to know that reinventing oneself is something that can always be done no matter at what age. For the full story, you can check it out here.

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