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According to statistics from the American Chiropractic Association, as many as eighty per cent of the total population of the United States will experience back pain at some point in their lives. This is a common experience for Singaporeans as well. There are many office workers who spend long hours facing their computers during work. Eventually, this can cause them to suffer from backaches in the near future.

Although back pain is somewhat common among adults, it is not easily treatable. The truth is that natural therapies of healing are far more superior than that of medications when it comes to back pains. You can visit a doctor in the clinic and they would most likely only be able to provide you with pain killers. Aside from that, they will recommend you to have more rest and avoid exercises that may strain your back. As for natural therapies such as yoga, it can go a long way in relieving back pains and preventing them. Furthermore, if you practice it on a regular basis, such pains can be prevented over time and in the long run. So how can we be exactly certain that yoga does contribute in relieving back pains?

A recent research from the journal Spine proves that yoga is beneficial. In this study, researched assigned a total of 313 patients, who were suffering from either chronic or recurrent low back pains, to approximately three months of either conventional care or weekly yoga sessions. At the end of the study, it showed that those who participated in the yoga group had taken far fewer days off work as compared to those who were assigned to the conventional care. Based on this study, the researchers concluded that yoga is a far more effective and efficient solution for treating chronic back pains. Apart from that, it is also cost-effective and allows one to save more.

Aside from yoga, experts also recommend a healthy dietary intake. This can include food that are rich in Vitamin D. With a proper diet accompanied by yoga, one would be able to manage their condition and relief the pain. For the full article, you can read it over here.

At OMG Yoga, our instructors are well trained to aid you if you are suffering from back pains. As you may already know, we offer different styles of yoga to cater to the needs of various individuals. For those who are suffering from back issues, you can consider our Therapy Yoga.

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