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Can someone practice yoga when she is pregnant?

Yes, most definitely. Gentle yoga is the recommended form of yoga during and after pregnancy. The techniques can include breathing excluding breath retention, mediation and scientific sleep. Sienna Miller, who is currently expecting her first child, has decided to take up yoga to cope with her pregnancy as she isn’t a big fan of working out. She mentioned, “I have been trying to do some pregnancy yoga as I’m definitely not a gym person.” You can check out the full article from HERE.

So what are the benefits that one is able to receive through yoga?

Firstly, it helps to relieve backaches. Secondly, it can improve your blood circulation and digestive system. Thirdly, it is a good form of exercise to control your weight. Fourthly, it teaches you to develop a positive attitude. This can definitely come in handy for you in future as you will learn to cope with stress and the unknown. Finally, it helps to prevent dropping shoulders, which usually develops during pregnancy.

However, before participating in yoga, please consult your doctor if you have the following conditions:

1. A history of premature labour

2. Expecting twins or triplets

3. Hypertension – high blood pressure

4. Severely under or overweight

5. Epilepsy/Asthama

6. Ruptured membranes

7. Sudden swelling of hands, ankles or face

8. Abdominal pain

In Singapore, there are many ladies who also continue to practice yoga during the first few months of their pregnancy. However, do note that it would not be recommended if you have never tried yoga before you were pregnant. These ladies usually have already been practicing yoga months before their pregnancy. Therefore, they are aware of what to expect in the classes as well as their own limits. They will know when they should stop. If you are not aware of your personal limits, it could potentially lead to miscarriage. Hence, it is better to avoid practicing yoga during your pregnancy if you are uncertain.

The good thing about OMG Yoga is that yoga classes are customised to each individual’s needs. Unlike group classes, we offer private classes. Hence, the attention would be fully on you and you would not have to worry about the instructor not keeping an eye on you. This provides you with more assurance. Furthermore, since classes are personalised, the instructor will be able to cater to your needs or physique. For more information, feel free to check out our website! We strongly believe that there is a suitable type of yoga for everyone.

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