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If you have been doing yoga on a regular basis, but realise that it is not doing much good for you, then chances are that you are actually doing something incorrectly. If you are unable to feel the de-stressing effect, improvements in your flexibility or any weight loss at all, then it is time to make some amendments to your practice. Here are some tips that might be of aid in making improvements.



The first thing one should take note of is that you shouldn’t eat just before a yoga class. In fact, this goes the same for any other exercises. If you intend to eat something, then ensure that you have at least an hour of allowance before beginning your workout. This enables sufficient time for your food to be digested. If food is still being digested while you are doing yoga, then you would not be able to attain the necessary positions that would make the movements useful.

Another thing to be aware of is when you are performing low-intensity poses, your focus should be on the movement and position instead of the number of repetitions. The benefits of yoga tend to derive from the way you hold yourself in a position. Even though there are certain styles of yoga that requires you to exert speed and power, the ones that need to be slow that emphasises on precision.

One of the fundamentals of yoga is breathing. This is the part where most individuals tend to neglect as they underestimate its importance. Most of the time, one would simply hold a certain position and wait for the time when they have to move before breathing. This is already a big mistake as the breathing aspect is part of the exercise as well. In other words, one should not ignore it. It supplies your body with oxygen, enabling your lungs to work in the best condition. In turn, this will help boost your stamina.

It is also crucial for you to wear clothes that you are comfortable in and that allows movement. As yoga concentrates a lot on movement, you would definitely want to be in something that enables you to move freely without any worries.

Lastly, learn and nail a posture properly before moving on to the next. This is because they are usually linked and the one that is taught first tends to be a stepping stone for the next. In fact, some postures cannot be done without mastering the previous since conditioning of the body is required. You can read more here.

Aside from all the above tips, OMG Yoga recommends private yoga classes, especially for beginners. By having full attention from the instructor, they would be able to correct your posture and move you in the right direction at your own pace.

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