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Travelling abroad and transiting at airports can sometimes be quite a hassle. Suffering from jetlag after a long flight is probably not one of the most enjoyable experiences for anyone. Sarah Tucker, a travel journalist and broadcaster turned yoga instructor, has been deriving a series of asanas (postures) that can be easily done at the airport before you board that long flight.



A gentle method to get acquainted to your current atmosphere and improve your posture would be the mountain pose. Begin by standing with your feet around hip-width distance apart. Keep your spine tall and your shoulders relaxed, away from your ears. Then, align the centre of your head over the centre of your pelvis before releasing your arms on either side of the torso with the palms facing forward. During inhale, breathe into your diaphragm and fill your lungs. On exhale, release your breathe from the top to bottom of your lungs before releasing your diaphragm. Repeat this cycle for 12 times.

If you wish to improve on your focus and sense of balance, the tree pose is good to begin with. The starting position is the same as the mountain pose. Then, begin to shift your weight onto the left foot, while bending your right knee and bringing up the right foot and ankle towards your inner left thigh. After finding your balance, bring your palms together towards the heart’s centre. On inhale, hold the position for eight to ten breaths. On exhale, return to the mountain pose before proceeding to repeat on the opposite side.

Another ideal pose to ease jetlag would be the star pose. Begin in a standing position before stepping your feet out about three-and-a-half to four feet apart. This will bring you to a wide-leg stance with feet parallel. During inhale, reach your arms overhead. When exhaling, release your arms to a “T” shape parallel to the ground. Then, draw your bellybutton up and back toward spine to activate your core and prevent the bottom rib cage from bowing forward. Hold the position once again for between eight to ten breaths. After that, release your arms before bring your feet back together into a comfortable standing position. To read on a few other poses to ease jetlag, do refer over here.

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