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There are some individuals who have the misconception that yoga is an exercise purely for ladies as it doesn’t involve any heavy equipment. Although no heavy equipment is being used, yoga still contributes in certain health benefits towards men. Here are some of the poses that are suitable for men. These poses are also beneficial to the body, mind and soul.


The first pose is the standing forward fold. This pose is great after a hectic day at work because you will be able to relax and refresh yourself. The forward fold targets your hamstrings, calves, and hips as well as relaxes your muscles. It is a good workout especially for strengthening your leg and knees. Start off by standing straight with your legs together. Then, slowly bend your upper body down to touch your feet without bending your knees. This will allow you to feel the stretch in your legs and calf muscles. Initially, it will not be possible to touch your feet without bending the knees. However, gradually the increased flexibility in your muscles will enable you to touch your knees easily.

The second effective pose for men is known as the wheel position. In fact, this is one of the toughest posture to pull off. However, with ample time and practice, you should be able to master it. Start by laying flat on the ground with your legs bent. Then, bend your elbows and spread the palms on the ground beside your head. Your arms should be perpendicular to the ground and your fingers should be pointing towards your shoulders. Lift your body up by applying pressure on your palms and feet, where your body weight will rest on. This pose is a good workout for your arms, spines, abdomen and legs. You can even get a flatter tummy and reduce back pains.

Another pose is none other than the headstand, where one’s hands are on the ground and legs in the air. This helps to boost body energy, increase blood circulation and fight stress. Do take note that is can be rather dangerous as it puts your neck in a vulnerable position. So a lot of care is required before you try it. For beginners, it would be wise to seek guidance or perform it in front of the wall so that you can learn to balance your body weight.

Lastly, the full boat pose is for men who wish to build up their body and fight belly fat. Start by laying flat on the ground, then slowly raise your legs upwards. After that, bring your upper body forward as if you are trying to touch your feet. This pose is ideal for reducing belly fat, back pains and also strengthening abdominal & hip muscles. For more information, do click here.

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