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There are multiple benefits that can be attained through yoga. Some of which includes relieving the symptoms of a number of medical conditions or managing them better. One of these conditions include hypertension or high blood pressure. Aside from that, yoga is great for relieving physical stress and tension. These are the factors that tend to cause high blood pressure.¬†Furthermore, yoga can also help one to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. These are essential factors when it comes to lowering one’s blood pressure. Some effective yoga poses to assist in controlling blood pressure include the following.

The first pose is none other than the tree pose. This particular pose improves strength, the lungs as well as one’s balance. This pose also focus on one’s breathing technique. To perform this pose, start by standing upright and placing both your feet together. Then, take your right foot out and bring the right leg up until the bottom of your foot is against your left inner thigh. After that, rotate your right hip and knee out to something similar to a half lotus. You can fold your hands and place them in front of your chest as though you are praying. Hold the pose for five long breaths before returning back to the initial position and switch legs.

The next pose is known as the leg up wall pose. This ensures that sufficient blood flows to your legs. You can start by laying on the floor and placing your hips against a wall. Your arms should be at your side with the palms facing upward. Remain in this position for five minutes while breathing in and out through your nose. This aids in relieving the pressure of gravity from the heart and enables blood to have a smoother flow through it.

Third pose is known as the Namaste pose. In this pose, you will have to sit cross-legged and bring your hands towards your chest in a prayer position. Then, just clear your mind and remain in the position while breathing through your nose.

The last pose that we will introduce to you will be the child pose. This is one of the most basic poses in yoga. You begin by bending your knees to squat and exhale. Then, drop your knees to the ground and inhale. Keep the position for three inhales before returning to the kneeling position. Try repeating this for a few more times.

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