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One of the most underestimated and overlooked benefits of yoga is its ability to radiate beauty from within through your skin. There are many times when we tend to focus on mental peace and emotional balance. Although these are essential benefits as well, your skincare should not be taken to be of lower priority either. Along with a healthy diet and good skincare tips, yoga can contribute to produce a startling effect on your skin. Here are some specific yoga poses that could be of good aid.



The first key step is Pranayam or otherwise known as the breathing techniques used in yoga. Breathing is something we do on a daily basis, but in yoga, it is the fundamental to get you into the correct pose and to allow you to maintain that pose for an extended period of time. Aside from that, breathing with the proper technique from the start, sets you on a clear path to healthier skin. For the purpose of better skin, Kapalbharti pranayam is known to be the most suitable and recommended. Just by practicing this technique for a mere 15 minutes everyday, one would be able to keep the skin glowing and to keep wrinkles and fine lines away.

The second pose is known as Tadasana or the Mountain Pose. It is basically a pose that involves breathing once again. It gets you focus on deep, rhythmic breathing as this is an essential element to achieve healthy skin.

Then, there is the Uttanasana, which is a forward-bending pose. Poses such as this enables blood to flow quicker into your face. In other words, the oxygen along with other useful nutrients will be able to reach your face much faster to combat free radicals, encourage skin cell renewal and provide your face with a rosy glow.

The Bharadvaja’s Twist is a twisting posture that is helpful for improving one’s digestion. It is through good digestion that results in the proper excretion of toxins out of the body. In turn, this will improve the Rasa (tissue) visible as healthy glowing skin.

Lastly, challenging poses such as the Utkatasana makes your heart work harder and pump faster. This enables smoother circulation of blood flow throughout the entire body and also, prompts the skin to sweat out any impurities. For more information, you can refer here.

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