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There are days when one sits in the office for an extended period of time and only wish that he/she could get a good proper stretch. At the same time, one could be stress out just by staring at the screen for long hours and thinking about the next task at hand. Well yoga is an exercise where you can actually practice in the office. This means that you will be able to get a good stretch and relief some stress at the same time.

So now one can take their mind off work while they are still in the office. Having a mini-yoga break during office hours can be extremely beneficial to both your health as well as your work productivity. So slip off those shoes, roll out the ankles and start breathing. In fact, even if you are in the car, you could practice some of these poses. Well, not when you are driving of course, but perhaps after you have parked your vehicle? Basically, these are some yoga poses you can actually practice on the go as recommended by Amy Kassis, an owner of a yoga studio in the United States.

The first pose is the Extended Mountain Pose. Start off by standing with your feet parallel and pressed firmly to the ground. Next, lengthen your spine by engaging your thighs, buttocks and abdominal. Put your palms together in front of your heart to create energy throughout your arms. Take deep breaths through your nose as you extend your arms towards the sky. Exhale and lower your hands to the chest area. Repeat this for 10 cycles. Soon you will realise that your posture is better and your abdominal, legs and arms are more toned.

The second pose is the Cat/Cow Spinal Rolls. You would need to find a place to sit so that your spine is straight. Your feet should be grounded on the floor and your hands placed on your thighs. When you inhale, arch your back to open your chest and throat. During exhale, drop your chin to your chest, curl your spine like a cat and extend your arms straight to open the space between your shoulders. Try doing repetitions of 8 to 10 along with the flow of your breath. Eventually, it will help to free tension in the neck, shoulders, chest and spine areas.

Lastly, you can try the Seated Pigeon Pose as well. Once again, you would need to find a place to sit so that your feet is placed on the floor. Began by putting your left knee onto your right knee and press the left knee towards the ground. As you exhale, fold forward to release your neck. Do this for between 8 to 10 breaths and repeat on the right side too. You will benefit from much strong and flexible hips, back and neck. If you would like to learn more, check it out here.

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