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“Beach Yoga creates a unique practice that’s as challenging and invigorating as it is playful and relaxing. All classes are appropriate for students of every level – even for people who’ve never practiced yoga before,” said all three yoga instructors from Northern Michigan.

Julie Schwalm, Angela Poneta Dedenbach and Amy Hubbell share a lot in common. They are all trained yoga instructors and they love Leelanau’s beautiful beaches. This has allowed them to come together to create something different for the residents living in Northern Michigan. By combining yoga with beaches, they have come up with practicing yoga on the beach. They even developed a style of yoga that is very similar to Hatha Yoga, but more adaptable for the conditions of the beach.


Their classes are come-as-you-are and are conducted by a certified yoga instructor. Each session last for an hour and all classes are by donation. However, participants will be required to bring along their own towels and yoga mats. “We tailor-make the class for the group that shows up. Sometimes people want to take it easy, and sometimes they want a real challenge. For mixed groups, we mix it up. It’s so much fun, and we are so blessed to be in such a beautiful natural environment. It’s a meditation just to be there,” stated Angela.

“Doing yoga on the beach has a much more open, free feeling. And people just love treating themselves to yoga while watching the sun slowly, and spectacularly, melt into Lake Michigan. I ask people to get in touch with their surroundings – listen to the waves, feel the sun on their skin and the sand beneath their feet – and then bring that awareness within, connect to their own true nature, and ultimately realize their connection with nature and all living beings,” mentioned Amy.

All three instructors have their own reasons for picking up yoga. In fact, all of them have experienced the benefits of the practice and seen their life improve for the better. For the full story, check it out here.

There are more Singaporeans who practice yoga in a studio as compared to those who do outdoors. Although practicing yoga either indoors or outdoors offers one with countless benefits, there is still a totally different feel. Why not give the outdoors a try instead? You might be able to experience something different and refreshing. OMG Yoga offers Yoga Classes in the Park in Singapore. It provides you an opportunity to connect with nature, so why not give it a shot?

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