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Balancing on a paddleboard alone can be quite a challenge. Well, imagine practicing yoga on a paddleboard in the water. As crazy and as impossible that it may seem, Amy Squeglia has brought this new concept to the Town Wharf in the United States as part of the summer offerings by Mattapoisett Recreation. Amy, the owner of the Mashpee-based Peace Love SUP (which is short for Stand Up Paddleboarding), was an enthusiastic yoga practitioner and paddleboarder for several years before she decided to combine the two together. “I was out on the water one day and started messing around and doing some yoga. I thought, wow this is stable. Then I took it from there,” stated Amy.


A paddleboard is quite similar to a surfboard, but it is slightly wider as compared to a surfboard. Rowers will stand on the board along with a long paddle to propel themselves forward. Traditionally, paddleboarding requires a good amount of balance. However, the concept of paddleboard yoga is rather different. “Yoga in itself requires a lot of discipline and mindfulness. On the water, you need to be paying attention to your safety and the weather conditions and the people around you. It requires a lot more focus and probably a little bit more balance,” said Amy.

It may sound rather challenging, especially towards beginners. However, Amy, who has been teaching paddleboard yoga for the past two years, has ensured that beginners would not have such a difficulty time in learning. “You can be a beginner to yoga and to paddleboard. I would never ask anybody to do anything that was too difficult for them,” she said.

Even two of her students have agreed that it was relatively alright, considering that they were beginners to paddleboarding. “I didn’t get wet. I loved it. There was a little bit of difficulty in it, but it was nice to be on the water and in the natural surrounding,” mentioned Bonnie Kirchner, who previously had experience in yoga.

Janice Foley, who is a yoga teacher herself, felt that the experience was something new and different. “It’s complete peace and relaxation out there. You can adjust to your own level, make it your own practice. I don’t feel like you have to do what the person on the board next to you is doing,” she stated. For the full article, you can check it out from here.

In Singapore, we do not offer this at the moment. However, feel free to check out OMG Yoga’s website for other styles of yoga that we are offering. We are certain that you will be able to find one that caters to your needs.

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