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In a recent interview, Rajashree Choudhury, a yoga guru sat down to give her thoughts on hot yoga.


She stated that regular yoga can not only help to keep your body in shape, but also help to keep the mind healthy and free from stress. By practicing yoga daily, your body will be able to remove toxins. This helps to purify your body, enhancing the quality of your skin and hair. Furthermore, yoga is therapeutic and uses breathing techniques, allowing you to cope better with stress. Apart from that, your respiratory, cardiovascular, skeleton and digestive system will also be improved.

Rajashree explained that hot yoga is practiced in a heated room. Firstly, only 26 postures of Hatha yoga are used. Secondly, each session last no longer than 90 minutes. Thirdly, instructors do not assist the students to perfect postures as they are encouraged to perform them through their own mental strength.

She also mentioned that for those who are concern over the side effects, there is nothing to worry about. Hot yoga pushes individuals to reach their utmost potential physically and emotionally. It is just as beneficial or even more as it is therapeutic. Each session will require intense concentration and good balance. It isn’t an easy form of yoga, but ultimately, at the end of the session, one will feel an excellent sense of achievement.

At OMG Yoga, we do not provide hot yoga at the moment as we are still emphasising the importance of building a good foundation first. We are aware that for beginners who start out with hot yoga, the probability of them backing out is relatively high. After which, they tend to avoid any other forms of yoga, which is an extreme waste. Hot yoga is actually more suited for students who had experience in yoga before. They tend to be of a higher level compared to the traditional hatha yoga.

Each form of yoga has something different to offer. People need to understand that not all forms of yoga are similar in their movements, techniques and the way that they are being taught. Therefore, if you find that one style of yoga doesn’t suit you, don’t give up! Try another form of yoga instead.

OMG Yoga recommends all beginners to try out hatha yoga first. It is one of the more basic forms of yoga that can actually cater to beginners. However, if you’re looking to improve your flexibility, balance and strength, try yin yoga. It does require endurance though. As for more varied movements, vinyasa flow yoga would be ideal. In fact, it can help in weight loss too. For other types of yoga classes, feel free to check out our website.

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