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On every Tuesday evening at the Kellogg House in downtown Battle Creek, you will be able to see yoga enthusiasts braving the humidity and the weather to get down on their mats. Karin Ladley, the instructor in charge of the yoga in the park stated that the routine focuses on relaxation, stretching and flexibility. “It’s a great way to connect yourself to your body through breathing and poses,” she said.

Each session is from 5:30pm to 6:45pm, an hour and fifteen minutes in total. Even if there is a heavy downpour, lessons will still commence. However, it will be in a sheltered area. Karin has been practicing yoga for eleven years now. She was first attracted to the practice of yoga because of how unique it was as compared to other workouts. “I chose yoga because I had been doing a lot of different aerobic types of exercise and wanted to try something in the stretching realm. I took a yoga class and I really liked it. I encourage people to try it. Some are intimidated by it, but you will improve with time,” stated Karin.

This year marks the third year since the yoga in the park programme was first created. “I saw it in Calgary (Canada), and wanted to bring it back to our community. If they can do it on a bunch of cement, we could find a place to do it here,” explained Alyssa Jones, the Battle Creek Downtown Partnership Communication and Events Manager. Although Kellogg House is situated in the downtown of Battle Creek, it is in a rather secluded area and not as exposed to the noise of the downtown. This allows individuals to relax and find peace in the serene environment. “I love yoga. Being outside in the fresh air after the work day is refreshing,” said Heidi Bremer, one of the regular participants. For the rest of the article, you can check it out from here.

In Singapore, yoga classes are commonly found in studios. There aren’t many outdoor areas where yoga classes are being conducted compared to the United States. At OMG Yoga, we believe that yoga can be practiced exactly the same way as our ancestors did, which is in the open. You will be able to inhale and exhale fresher air amidst the surrounding trees. At the same time, this provides you with an opportunity to enjoy a different experience. For more information, check out our Yoga in the Park page today!

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