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Over the past couple of years, yoga has seen a relatively steep increase in participation on a global basis. China is one such country, where the growth of yoga continues to flourish. The latest is that a women’s detention centre in Wuyi county, of east China’s Zhejiang province, has introduced yoga to their inmates. The whole purpose of them using yoga was to assist the inmates in dealing with stress and at the same time, find peace.

“The inmates are organised to do their favourite exercise — Yoga — every night. Their instructor Tang Junhui believes Yoga can help these women inmates to fight stress and find serenity,” said the state run People’s Daily Online. Based on the write up, the detention house decided to introduce yoga as a way of lowering down the inmates’ stress after a rather significant number of them had issues with communication as well as suffered from mental pressures. “It worked well after Yoga courses were introduced in the detention house. Now the inmates enjoy doing Yoga, and they have become more cheerful and outgoing,” stated the People’s Daily Online.

In China, the popularity of yoga has spread to over millions of people in just a few years. In fact, the numbers are made up of a variety of age groups. Most of them usually join well established institutes to learn yoga. For Yin Yan, the former Editor-in-Chief of the Chinese edition of the ELLE international fashion magazine, she got married to Yoga exponent, Manmohan Singh Bhandari from Rishikesh. With the cooperation from both of them, they eventually managed to set up a wide network of her “Yoga Yogi” centres. These centres are producing a turnover of over eight million on a yearly basis and we are talking about eight million in USD, not Yuan. Business was escalating rather quickly and last year, Yin Yan decided to venture into a college for Yoga. For more of the story, do feel free to check it out from here.

China is not the only country where yoga is growing fast in numbers. Singapore is also having a similar impact. Nowadays, it is very common to see yoga studios across the whole island, unlike ten years ago where finding a yoga class could be quite a challenge. Yoga wouldn’t be growing such vastly if it wasn’t beneficial. So why not give it a go? Take a look at OMG Yoga Singapore and see the various types of classes we have to offer. Do refer to our website for more information about the different styles.

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