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As we all know, yoga is spreading throughout the entire globe. It originated from India at first, but has become a common and popular practice in Western countries. Now, yoga is catching up in China and is becoming a popular exercise for expecting mothers. The Chinese believe that new and soon-to-be mothers shouldn’t exert themselves too much because it is risky. However, prenatal and postnatal yoga are increasingly changing the modern day society in China.


“I didn’t do yoga years ago, because I thought it was weird. But when I got pregnant, I found it made me more comfortable. Many expecting moms come to our classes,” said Su Ziyue, an instructor at Beijing’s Yoga Yard. There has also been an increased in the number of yoga clubs throughout China and the types of yoga classes that are being offered. For example, the Body & Soul Yoga Club in Shanghai offers classes like golfing yoga, intestine-cleansing yoga and yin yoga.

“There aren’t other safe sports for pregnant women. I’m 7 months pregnant, but I never have back pain. That’s probably because I do yoga,” stated Niu Zhuhai, a 27-year-old Hebei native who practiced yoga for two years and resumed after she became pregnant.


“It helps my body, especially the breathing. And it helps my mind and soul. It also keeps me emotionally stable. We mothers-to-be talk about how many weeks we are in, what feelings we have and what discomforts we’re experiencing,” claimed Wang Shanshan, a 30 year old resident in Beijing who is six months pregnant. She also intends to continue with postnatal yoga.

Although the majority of the students are still foreigners, the number of local students has seen a gradual increased as compared to three years ago. “Most of my clients are foreigners because it’s a new concept but especially so in China. More Chinese people will soon accept this. They will change their current idea that a woman who’s pregnant or just given birth should stay home and not do anything – only rest but not exercise,” said Sun Hong, the founder of Hong Prenatal Yoga studio in Shanghai.


The popularity in Singapore is growing every year too. Although prenatal and postnatal yoga aren’t the most commonly practiced forms of yoga here, there are still many other forms of yoga that have seen a steady increased in the number of participants. They include Hatha Yoga and Power Yoga. OMG Yoga also offers many other types of yoga classes in Singapore. For more information, feel free to check us out at our website.

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