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Majority of the jobs out there require you to give at least one presentation throughout your time in the company. In fact, that is already an understatement. Presentations are required ever so often be it in school, jobs or anywhere else. Basically, as long as you are speaking in front of a group of people such as in meetings, you are already giving a presentation. So how can yoga actually assist you to give better presentations?


There are actually many other practical applications aside from all of the wonderful physical and mental benefits that you already get when you practice yoga. In fact, there are many things that you can take from your yoga routine and apply them when you need to give a presentation. This can include being grounded, centered and relaxed. Here are some other benefits that might be of help to you.

Before your presentation, practice a few poses to help you get grounded in your body and remove yourself from any distractions. Poses such as the forward fold, child pose or mountain pose all assist to keep you grounded and relax your body and mind.

Before you begin speaking, take a moment to feel the ground under your feet. This acts as a mental shift to bring your attention to your feet. This will help to ground yourself and reduce your nerves.

Take a few deep breaths before you begin with your presentation. Deep breathing helps to trigger the relaxation response. Hence, when you take a few deep breaths, it will naturally ease your nerves.  The same thing applies when you are practicing yoga because deep breathing helps you to relax, even as you strengthen and stretch.

Speak from the heart. When you make preparations for your presentation, ensure that there is a certain allowance so that you can speak freely. Before deciding on the topic, you have to personally believe in and can stand behind it. If you personally are unsure or do not believe in what you are presenting, it will tend to show in your body language. Yoga is a heart-centered practice and when we practice yoga, we learn to soften our heart and be more receptive to others.

Finally, be yourself. Just like in yoga, everyone is unique. When someone tries to mimic another person, they do not get the chance to fully experience the pose and strengthen their own unique qualities. Therefore, during a presentation, always be yourself. It will definitely come off as more natural and truthful. For more information on how yoga can benefit you in presentations, click here.

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