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Morning sickness is an extremely common condition for pregnant ladies, especially during the earlier stages when the hormonal balance of their bodies undergoes significant changes. The usual symptom is mild nausea, but there are also more severe cases such as the inability to hold down food throughout the day. In fact, this condition can continue for weeks and sometimes even lead on to months. Perhaps the good news is that the symptoms tends to pass quickly. It can even be kept under control if you adhere to the following tips.

For those who are unaware, yoga is actually an excellent preparation for pregnancy in both the physical and mental aspect. It enables one to feel more energetic, healthier, calmer and reduces aches and pains that normally occurs during pregnancy. It is also effective in preparing one for labour and getting them back in shape after birth. In fact, more and more doctors have been recommending pregnant ladies to take up yoga classes.

When it comes to morning sickness, the first thing you have to do is to take things easy and have ample rest. The reason being that your hormones are undergoing changes to prepare your body for the growth of your baby. This can easily result in one feeling exhausted. Hence, try to avoid during physical exercises before 14 weeks is up and if you have yet to receive the all clear signal from your doctor.

One regular practice that you can observe is calm breathing exercises. This is where yoga comes into play. A key component of yoga is the breathing techniques being used. In every single lesson, regardless of the style of yoga you choose to do, breathing plays a major role in the entire workout. However, Prenatal Yoga is highly recommended for pregnant ladies who are preparing for birth. As for those who are looking to get back in shape after birth, we would suggest Postnatal Yoga. The breathing that yoga teaches allows you to focus your awareness on the sound and rhythm of your breath. Eventually, through constant practice, you will be able to have longer and deeper breaths. Through this, you will experience calmness on a whole new level.

It would be ideal to practice this on a daily basis for between 5 to 10 minutes. You can choose to either lay on your back or on your side. During this period of time, relax and release all the tension within you. Try to picture yourself in a serene environment and slowly welcome the feeling of release. If you would like to learn more, do click here.

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