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Just fifteen minutes into the yoga class, things take a rather different turn. From a series of traditional yoga poses such as the ownward dog, mountain pose, chair pose, the music becomes more upbeat. When that happens, instructor Rey Sanchez informs the class to perform thirty Hindu squats. Once he gives the signal, the students in Studio 1 at Gold’s Gym Alamo Heights launch into the exercise.

“You should feel heated. When you’re done, go back to mountain pose,” Rey told his class. This is Broga, a yoga class specially catered towards men. Broga puts the focus into simple poses and easy-to-follow instruction. At the same time, it strips away any hint of spirituality while adding traditional strength exercises like squats and push ups. There is definitely no chanting involved. Instead, there will be more references to abs.

“The goal is to introduce yoga in a way that is palatable for them. I’m trying to meet them where they are and speak their language. You know, we’re living in the United States in 2014. We don’t live in a cave in India or in Tibet,” explained Robert Sidoti, creator and co-founder of Broga. Men have always gave their reasons as to why they do not practice yoga. Some of the reasons are that the practice is too feminine, too religious or that they are simply not flexible enough to perform the poses. Then, they are those who feel that yoga will not be able to offer them a solid workout like weight training or a game of basketball. There is also a group that may feel embarrassed to try a class dominated by females. According to Yoga Journal’s Yoga in America 2012 market study, more than 82 percent of yoga practitioners in the United States are women.

From Robert’s own experience, yoga has helped him to maintain a “solid, fit, healthy” body since he started practicing it on a regular basis back in 1998. The first Broga class that he offered was in 2009 on Martha’s Vineyard, where he lives. Since then, Broga has grown to Texas at select Gold’s Gym locations. According to Robert, yoga is capable of strengthening men’s cores, something sorely needed when a growing belly strains the spine and causes lower back pain. Aside from that, it can also reduce stress and hypertension, which contribute to heart disease. For the full story, you can read it here.

The truth is that any other style of yoga is capable of catering to men as well. At OMG Yoga, we offer private yoga classes in Singapore that tailors to each individual’s varying needs. All you have to do is to tell us what you require and we will do our best to specialise the class just for you.

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