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Children nowadays have so many choices when it comes to entertainment. With technology advancing so quickly, they have so many alternatives to choose from. Some of these include television programmes, video games, the internet and even tablets. As we all should know, too much of anything is never good. By spending hours to partake in such activities, they are actually lacking in an active lifestyle. It would be wise to get them out of the house every once in awhile to participate in something physical and fulfilling. Recently, yoga has been increasingly popular not just among adults, but with children too.


Firstly, yoga can help to deal with stress. Although children might not seem to be faced with any stress, the truth is that even primary school students deal with both academic and social pressures on a regular basis. They might feel stressed about an upcoming test or making new friends in school. Through yoga breathing and workouts, they will be able to keep calm and relax. This will help in reducing their stress levels and make them happier and more lively.

Secondly, yoga also provides them with an opportunity to socialise. Just like any other sports or classes, yoga brings about a sense of community and friendship to all participants. Children will not only be able to socialise with kids around their age group, they will also be able to communicate and mix with adults. This will allow them to behave in class and be more comfortable around adults.

Finally, we cannot deny that yoga is a fun way of exercising. Many people always have the misconception that it is simply about stretching. Yes, stretching does play a significant role in yoga, but yoga also revolves around proper breathing and meditation. The stretches themselves are also unique and different from the usual warm up or cool down exercises. This will allow children to experience something new and fun while building up on their motor skills, flexibility and strength. Yoga is definitely more enjoyable compared to running or doing crunches, which are pretty much standardised exercises. For the full article, do check it out here.

OMG Yoga offers private yoga classes for Singaporeans. If you are looking for an activity to incorporate into your child’s lifestyle, why not yoga? You can also join in the fun with them or better still, get the entire family to join. We’re pretty sure that it will be something enriching and fulfilling for the whole family!

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