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As we all know, yoga can be catered to everyone of varying age, gender and fitness level. This is why the activity has been growing in popularity throughout the entire world. Even kids are now picking up on it. In Australia, the number of children practicing yoga is ever increasing. This has even brought a fitness studio in Kingaroy to open their doors to children to participate.



Kingaroy fitness studio came to the decision of including children to participate after an overwhelming response. At the same time, they felt that their classes could assist these children in increasing their flexibility, strength and co-ordination. Furthermore, we are living in an extremely stressful environment nowadays. Even when these young kids are in school, their homework and busy schedules are causing them to accumulate stress. However, with the help of yoga, it can make a difference in the lives of these kids.

“The relaxation and stretching has been great for her. It is good to promote to children that getting active is fun. I do yoga so I have taught them a few exercises at home,” stated Lisa Brydon, a yoga enthusiast herself and just one of many mothers who has seen what a difference yoga has made in her nine year old daughter Kira. Kira herself mentioned that she had a good time in the classes.

According to Zarly Steffensen, a yoga instructor at the gym, such classes were specifically designed just for the kids. Classes even incorporated story telling as well as a vibrant atmosphere. Yoga for kids is continuing to grow throughout the whole of Australia. More parents are now able to realise what yoga is capable of offering their children. They have even noticed the foundations yoga lays for well being.

For Kira, she takes yoga classes once a week after school. In fact, she is the third generation in her family to become an active participate of yoga. Her mother as well as her grandmother are regular yogis too. “I had never thought of it like that. What yoga teaches is great for mental and physical health and well being,” said Lisa. For the full story, you can read it over here.

At OMG Yoga, we provide yoga classes for individuals living in Singapore. Currently, we do not have a group class specifically for kids yet. However, one can always check out our private yoga classes if they would like their kids to participate.

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