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Previously we have always mentioned how yoga is suitable for every individual regardless of age, fitness level or health condition. Many believe that the focus of yoga is on flexibility. The truth is that yoga offers more than just improving flexibility. It also works on one’s strength, balance, agility, endurance, core, and overall strength, among other things. In fact, any and every athlete could benefit significantly by including yoga to their training regimen.



Firstly, yoga is well known for improving flexibility. This is because it helps to ease one’s movement, increasing the range of motion. Specifically, athletes that are in sports, requiring swinging action such as golf and tennis will benefit greatly. At the same time, flexibility is capable of preventing injuries. When it comes to strength wise, yoga makes you hold up your own body weight. Regardless of how much free-weights you do, it won’t be able to match that.

As for balance, many yoga poses improve the overall balance in everything one does, preventing falls and injury. When one learns to go with the flow, he/she can bend easily and will be less likely to break or fall over. The endurance portion of yoga in the poses assist in sports such as running and swimming. Once one has the ability to tune into the body and mind, everything can become a meditation including sports. Yoga also teaches one the importance of pacing as well as how being slow and steady could contribute effectively in the long haul.

Through yoga practice, one would be able to build a stronger core as many poses focus on this area. By having a stronger core, it enables one to have a healthy back and body. Yoga aids in enhancing stability too. The thing about yoga is that it strengthens all of the little stabilising muscles that other exercises tend to miss out on. These muscles are the ones vital in protecting your joints and spine. Lastly yoga is one of the best in helping athletes back on the road to recovery after injuries. Once again, it tunes the body, allowing it to get the care it truly requires. At the same time, yoga also elongates the muscles that athletes tend to contract, so it is a great counter-action.

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