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As I’m typing this post, I realise that it is related to what I do, which is blog. This makes things a lot more interesting for me as well as other bloggers out there. How can yoga actually help bloggers in their lifestyle and performance? Everyone is aware that yoga has been in existence for eons and it offers so much more than just physical benefits. It is just as mentally and emotionally beneficial to the person who practices it. In order for us to battle the stress of our daily lives, we have to be able to find peace and balance.

First of all, blogging involves absolutely no exercise, except maybe that of our fingers while we are typing. Unlike other jobs that involve at least a certain proportion of physical labour, blogging is simply sitting down on the chair and facing the computer screen most of the time. This is how yoga postures can make a difference in your daily routine. Although there are various forms of yoga, quite a number of them are low-impact exercises that are suitable for beginners. With the movements involved, a yoga practice can contribute to better control and balance for the body.

Many people who have not been through the life of a blogger are usually unaware that we tend to lack sleep. In fact, many bloggers have to stay up late till the wee hours just to complete their post. Even after that, going to sleep isn’t easy as we sometimes have to deal with the stress involved. However, by taking out some time to practice yoga in the day time, it can help us to be more aware of what our body needs. In other words, when our body needs to rest, we will be able to respond better to it. By having proper rest, we will be able to reduce our stress level and at the same time, increase our energy level when we wake up.

Another thing that bloggers sacrifice is food. We have the tendency to skip meals whenever we are rushing to finish up on our post. However, by doing so, it doesn’t help us to improve on our productivity. In fact, it is an unhealthy practice. When our body experience hunger, we are suppose to eat and not simply ignore it. Without having our stomachs filled, we will take a longer time to process information and get our work done. Yoga aids us by ensuring that our digestive system is cleanse from the unwanted toxins. This means that we will have better digestion and a better sense of meal times. When we have our proper meals, we will be able to think better and our performance level will increase.

For beginners, OMG Yoga highly recommends Hatha Yoga. This is a form of yoga that can be modified to cater towards your level and needs. We believe that having a healthy lifestyle is one of the first few steps to success.

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