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There are more and more schools in India as well as other parts of the world who are incorporating yoga as part of their school curriculum. This is because they are able to see and understand the benefits that yoga has to offer to these children. Some of the benefits include enhanced focus, increased concentration and better memory power. In fact, it is not just schools that believe in yoga, others in profession that requires a lot of focus also take up yoga classes to complement their artistic skills.



The sixth limb of yoga is known as dharana, which also means focus. In order to reach this stage, one has to simultaneously practice the five other limbs of personal hygiene, social decorum, asanas (the physical practices) and pranayama (breathing techniques). The fourth limb of pratyahara (sense withdrawal) begins with mind-introverting practices. If you wish to boost your brain power through yoga, then a few practices alone will not be able to do it.

In fact, in order to gain such a benefit, it would involve a lifestyle overhaul along with a determined and devoted practice of all its aspects. Although there are certain poses that are ideal for assisting with better memory, it would still be incomplete if it lacks a daily practice that revolves around at least ten to fifthteen practices, which covers the whole body as well as the mind.

Some of the most ideal practices to aid the brain include inversions like the shoulderstand or the headstand, standing balances such as the Crescent pose, arm balancers including the lolasana, eye exercises like the trataka and not forgetting, pranayama practices such as anulom vilom.

The benefit of the Trataka pose is that it aids your memory and helps to cure mental tensions and psychosomatic problems. It is very similar to meditation actually, just that either a black dot or a candle flame will be placed in front of you, so that you can focus on. Alternatively, you may choose to use an object of meditation such as an image or object instead. However, once you have made your decision, always use the same one for future practices. Firstly, ensure that the object is at the eye level. Then, begin your focus on it for a couple of seconds till tears appear in either or both of your eyes. Blink and rest your eyes by using the palm of your hands to cover your eyelids. Repeat this again. Overtime, increase the time of your focus. For more poses to improve your memory, check it out here.

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