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According to New York University (NYU) researchers, practicing yoga daily can assist in boosting social bonding and focus in children who have been diagnosed with autism. The intervention program known as “Get Ready to Learn,” (GRTL) uses yoga and breathing techniques to help calm children who suffer from Autism Spectrum Disorder. This program has five steps that are designed to be done for 17 minutes each day. According to Kristie Koenig, a NYU researcher, this program has the ability to lower the levels of aggression, social withdrawal and anxiety in children with ASD.

“We found that teachers’ ratings of students who participated in the daily yoga routine showed improved behavior compared with teachers’ ratings of students who did not. Our aim in this research was to examine the effectiveness of an occupational therapy yoga intervention,” said Kristie, an assistant professor of occupational therapy at NYU. Unfortunately, there is no cure for autism at the moment. However, there are studies that suggest certain intervention programs could possibly help to improve a child’s development. These interventions are most efficient when they are started early, preferably before three years old. Incorporating yoga into such intervention programs are ideal as well.

Last year, another study was published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary MedicineAccording to the study, movement-based therapy such as yoga as well dance can aid in treating some behavioral problems associated with autism. “Children with Autism often exhibit characteristics of ‘fight-or-flight’ response. They are in a constant state of stress and struggle with staying calm, trying to concentrate, communicating clearly, or even controlling their movements,” explained Anne Buckley-Reen, an occupational therapist and yoga instructor. For more information, you can check it out here.

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