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There has always been a debate on who is yoga suitable for. Experts would tell you that yoga is suitable for everyone, which really is the case. Here’s another example of a group that yoga can help to benefit them. They are none other than your athletes, the ones whose fitness are usually tip top. Well, since they are already in tip top condition, how exactly can yoga benefit them?

A program by the name of “Summer Yoga for Athletes” was developed for atheletes in Hanover, Pennsylvania in the United States. It caters to those more competitive individuals who are seeking a challenging workout. The purpose of the program is to help these individuals to create the mind-body connection, by improving on their strength, flexibility and core stability.

Apart from enhancing on their ability to perform in sports, yoga also helps in recovery. Athletes are often required to be at the top of their game, resulting in regular high performance. In fact, there are many times when these athletes aren’t able to get a good rest and recover fast enough before their next appearance. This can result in numerous conditions such as fatigue, pains and even stress. If these conditions aren’t dealt with appropriately and promptly, it may end up affecting their future performance or even causing them to sustain injuries. Although there will always be a physiotherapist available to assist them, the physiotherapist is only an expert in dealing with their physical condition. In other words, this means that their mental condition isn’t really looked after.

Yoga not only helps athletes recover in their physical recovery, it also ensures that their mental state is intact. By practicing yoga, these athletes will surely be able relieve themselves from the aches and pains that they tend to go through. Furthermore, yoga is also able to cater to those injured athletes and those recovering from injuries without putting any additional strain on their bodies. Let’s not forget that yoga frees one’s mind and relief them from the daily stress. This ensures that these athletes always remain in a positive state of mind. Furthermore, yoga teaches athletes to maintain their composure and remain calm when they are faced with stressful situations.

Some famous athletes who practice yoga are basketball stars, LeBron James and Shaquille O’Neal, tennis sisters, Venus and Serena Williams, boxing champion, Evander Holyfield and football superstar, Ryan Giggs. If even the top athletes in the world acknowledge that yoga is beneficial to them, why shouldn’t you too?

So which form of yoga is the best for athletes? For beginners who prefer something gentle, OMG Yoga recommends Hatha Yoga. As for those athletes who wish to strengthen their muscles and improve on their flexibility, they can always try out Yin Yoga. Once you start taking up yoga classes, you will be able to perform even better in your sport!

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