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Yoga has always been known for the various health benefits that it has to offer since ancient times. It is a form of exercise that is capable of catering to individuals with different level of fitness as well as health conditions. Regardless of one’s condition, yoga will still have something that is beneficial. For those who suffer from Asthma, it would be ideal to exercise and practice postures that emphasise on stretching the lungs and the respiratory system.


By focusing on doing backward bends and chest expansions a few times every week, it can help to reduce the frequency and intensity of an asthma attack. One of the best yoga pose to accomplish this is none other than the Ushtrasana or also commonly known as, the Camel Pose, as shown above. The pose allows one to stretch and expand their lungs, which improves the capacity to breathe better. At the same time, it also helps to get rid of impurities from the respiratory organs, while enabling a better supply of oxygen. It significantly assists in exercising and toning the lungs, which are vital in order to increase one’s immunity against allergies. The camel pose is basically a graceful bending of the back that stretches and opens up your entire body, especially the frontal region.

In fact, this pose can be easily accomplished at home. However, before you attempt to try it, always consult your doctors. Also, for those who are suffering from either high or low blood pressure, migraine, insomnia and serious low-back or neck injuries, it is not recommended for you to practice this posture. Here are the steps to perform this pose.

Firstly, start by standing on your knees with arms at the sides. Ensure that your knees are hip-width apart and that you are supporting your lower back with your hands. Next, bend your body backwards while you inhale. Your right palm should be resting on the sole of your right foot and your left palm on the sole of your left foot. Then, push your hips forward, while keeping your thighs vertical. Try to arch your back as much as possible. After that, drop your head back slowly, giving the neck and throat a good stretch. Hold this position for up to a minute while breathing normally. Finally, as you exhale, release your hands from the soles of your feet, one at a time. Then, bring yourself back to the starting position. For more information, check it out here.

At OMG Yoga, we offer Gentle Yoga Classes in Singapore for those individuals who prefer to take it slow. It is a good form of workout, especially for those who might be suffering from certain illnesses.

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