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Recently, a review was done for over hundreds of different studies. Based on the review, it was shown that regular exercise, which also consists of yoga, is capable of easing the symptoms of major psychiatric disorders such as ADHD. Every year, there are quite a number of children as well as adults who are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). Most of the time, treatments will involve various drugs and psychotherapy sessions. Although they are rather effective means, some of the medications used in treating the condition can be either abused or have complicated side effects.

The review of the studies done by Duke University Medical Centre went further in depth into the effects yoga has on various psychiatric conditions, eating disorders and other cognitive function problems. Based on the results obtained, yoga not only has the ability to relief the symptoms of the disorder, it is also capable of preventing other stress-related illnesses. Yoga does not solely revolve around physical strength and stamina, it also encourages practitioners to make full use of mental energy as well as focus to hold the postures and control their breathing. According to the review, the engagement of the brain and breathing techniques can actually improve on the attentiveness and impulsivity in both children and adults.

Furthermore, physical activity assists in boosting the brains dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin levels, which are all hormones that increases on mental alertness and focus. This is a further indication that any form of physical activity can benefit those who suffer from the disorder. However, it is yoga in particular that aids participants in slowing down and focus more on relaxing. In fact, yoga is suitable for a person with high anxiety or someone who is having a difficult time focusing. The practice of yoga also teaches relaxation techniques that can help in calming the mind. This allows a person to fall into a much deeper and more restful sleep. Eventually, when they awake the following morning, they will feel more refreshed. If you would like to learn more about the review, you can do so here.

For those who might be suffering from ADHD, it is recommended to consult your doctor on the various treatments available. If your doctor gives you the clearance to proceed with yoga, then perhaps you can consider adding that to your routine. At OMG Yoga, we offer private classes that can be specially tailored to each individual’s needs. To find out more about our yoga classes, be sure to visit our website.

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