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There are times when we find ourselves so busy that the last thing on our list of things to do is to create time for ourselves. This is especially true for students facing long hours in schools and in their books. However, there might actually be a solution to exercise both the body as well as the mind at the same time. This will effectively assist to regain self awareness.



According to Lindsay Lookingbill, a fitness assistant director, she has been practicing yoga for five years and it still continuing her practice as it provides her with an overall feeling of well being and a challenge of physical strength. “You learn body awareness from yoga. You become more aware of how you move throughout the day. It helps calm your mind, and it teaches you to be in the moment,” she stated.

Lindsay also touched on how yoga is more of a mind-body class. “Zumba and kickboxing are more high-energy. Pilates is more dynamic, and you’re not competing with others like in intramurals. In yoga, you focus on being present. Controlling breathing is the main thing yoga teaches people, and it helps people overcome negative feelings when they are sad and come back to reality when they are overly happy,” she added.

For Amy Velasquez, who teaches her yoga classes at the Maverick Activities Center, she chose to practice yoga for three years through online videos before becoming a certified yoga instructor. “Everybody can benefit from yoga. A bulked-up powerlifting athlete might see his lifts increase from yoga stretches, and someone who wants to lose weight would benefit because yoga increases metabolism and helps the digestive system. There is no limit to who can do yoga. Everyone should be doing it, if you ask me,” she explained.

In fact, Amy stopped seeing her chiropractor after she took up yoga as the physical benefits helped to improve on her flexibility, strength and posture. At the same time, yoga was also able to alleviate her lower back pain and assist with her carpal tunnel syndrome. “In yoga, we have the sun salutations, combinations of postures that connect every piece of your body. Every pose is combined, and you do it for a purpose, and you use them to warm up for your peak pose, the climax of the class,” she said. For more of the story, you can read it here.

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