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During this fasting month for the Muslims, there are still certain exercises that can be done to keep one in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle. An example would be yoga as it is capable of being energising, invigorating and relaxing all at the same time. This might be just something one needs to get through those hours without food and water. As for Iman (Amy) Elsherbiny, she is holding four classes a week despite it being the Ramadan period.



Amy first began doing yoga around ten years ago. After trying out on a variety of styles, she found out that Ashtanga yoga was the most suitable for her. Compared to Hatha yoga, Ashtanga is more physically demanding although it follows a set series of poses. During those years, she made frequent trips to India to study with a number of teachers as well as attend a teacher training course.

When it comes to teaching yoga, Amy has been doing it for the past five years. Since then, she managed to develop special classes for the Ramadan yoga programme in Darb 1718. “Twice a week the classes are right before iftar and the other two days the classes will start around 8.30pm. In the classes before iftar I will teach restorative yoga, which includes breathing and techniques to slowly relax into the poses,” she explains.

To some, it might sound pretty strange to be doing exercises just before breaking fast. However, Amy added that “many people experience a rush of energy towards the end of the day”. In a way, the relaxing pace of the class will enable one to de-stress and stretch. Therefore, when it comes time to break fast, one’s body would have already been warmed up and ready for nourishment. As for the 8.30pm class, it will be of a different pace adjusted to Ramadan. “They will not be full-on Ashtanga classes, but will be more energetic than those before iftar,” stated Amy.

Amy also has some words of advice to Muslims who intend to continue with their yoga classes in the month of Ramadan. For those who might intend to take evening classes, say between 7pm to 8pm odd, it would be a good idea to drink water as well as take something light first and postpone the full iftar until after the yoga practice. For more of the story, do read it here.

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