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In this fast paced modern world of ours, stress is pretty much inevitable. Although stress is said to be a double-edged sword, too much of something is never good. For those individuals who are unable to keep up with the pace of the world and handle the stress that comes along with it, it can potentially lead them to suffer from depression. In fact, it is rather common for people to go through a depression phase in their life, even if they do not realise it.



If one is unable find a way to deal with depression, there can be situations where it can lead to insanity, especially for those severe cases. There are many methods to counter depression. Yoga is one of the more natural means of doing so. The yoga poses not only keeps you in shape, but also enriches you emotionally. At the same time, yoga can relief anxiety, which is both a symptom and a cause of clinical depression. If you start to notice any signs of depression at all in your behaviour or mood, then you should give these yoga poses a go.

Firstly, the child pose has the ability to give comfort to both your body and mind. The first step is to sit on your knees, then bend forward and lay your head close to your knees. After which, either join your hands ahead of your head or lay them down beside you in an upturned position.

Secondly, try putting your legs against the wall while laying flat on your back. This will enable blood circulation flow in the opposite direction, making you relaxed.

Thirdly, the mountain pose is one of the most ideal poses to keep your mind calm. Start off by standing straight before bending forward to reach for your ankles. As your face moves closer towards your knees, you will feel grounded. This pose is also capable of curing sleeplessness.

The fourth pose is known as the cat pose, which basically resembles the stretching of a cat. As it involves multiple steps, the fast paced breathing associated with this pose enables you to be relaxed and refreshed mentally.

Lastly, the head stand is a posture that assists in increasing the blood flow to the brain and relieving you of stress and insomnia. However, it is not recommended to be practiced by beginners as it is rather physically demanding. For more information, do refer here.

At OMG Yoga Singapore, we believe that there is a type of yoga for everyone. Therefore, we have come up with various Private Yoga Classes to cater to each individual’s needs.

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