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Kaivalya Kumar Gurav is a third generation singer from the popular Kirana gharana. Apart from taking his legacy forward, he is also enhancing it through his extensive work. When he took up classical music, he began to understand the challenges associated to it due to the negatives of the genre.

“The reasons why audiences find classical concerts so dreary dawned upon me. I began my research in voice culture and worked on tonal qualities of a singer and methods by which he or she would not have to contort facial muscles,” stated Kaivalya. His hard work paid off and he came to this conclusion. “I have mastered the areas of how to prepare a voice for classical singing. I know how a singer can work his abdomen for base and how when breathing through the abdomen is cut the voice gets a tonal quality,” he explained.

Kaivalya believes that he has found a certain technique in making classical music sound more interesting and understandable.  “Yoga, pranayam and meditation works wonders for a classical singer. Today I can guarantee that by practising these techniques a classical singer can be ready to take the stage in less than five years,” he said.

He also advised modern day signers to pay attention to the vibrations of the venue where they were performing, along with the type of the audience that they were performing for. He believes that these are two key factors to take into consideration before they decide on their choice of song to sing. “Today singers come prepared and give a recital without understanding the requirements of the audience,” he mentioned. For the rest of the story, check it out over here.

As we are all aware of, the most important trait of a singer is his or her voice. There is no doubt that a singer with a better voice quality will be capable of attracting more fans. In order to have good voice quality, breathing is an important fact. In fact, it plays a huge role in affecting the voice quality of any singer. It can determine how long a singer can drag a single note. This is the reason why yoga is helpful to any singer. Yoga involves techniques such as pranayama, which is also known as deep breathing. By practicing more on such techniques, a singer will eventually be able to enhance the quality of their voice.

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