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Many individuals who practiced yoga can tell you that yoga makes you better at life. What exactly does that mean? Here are some of the benefits that explain how exactly everything practiced on a yoga mat is actually practice for life off the mat and in your very own office.



First of all, yoga increases your self-awareness. The more often we practice, the more we learn about our own body. This includes the places where it’s tight or open and even places where we never even noticed before. It is through awareness that we gain more control physically. This then leads to deeper control mentally and emotionally. This also translates to acting and reacting authentically in the office.

Secondly, the practice of yoga provides you with unique perspectives. There are certain yoga postures that allows us to look at things from a different angle. For example, when we flip our body upside down, our world be upside down too. The problem with most people nowadays is that after years of experience, we tend to struggle to see our work in new ways. Yoga enables us to expand our horizon to see things beyond just one viewpoint.

Thirdly, yoga teaches us to find balance during change. In the practice, one is usually required to change the position of the body a lot. There are times when such change causes us to lose our balance. However, we would learn to find grounding again quickly. This goes the same to our work life. Once we get reassigned to a new project or get a promotion to a new role, we can access that same inner stability we found on the mat.

Another important lesson yoga teaches us is to not get phased by the external noise. In yoga, we sit quietly, turning inward to find stillness inside ourselves. When we are able to experience peace from within, we will have the ability to access it anytime, anywhere regardless of how many requests are coming from different directions and devices.

Yoga is also capable of making our intentions become stronger. Before we even make a move on our mat, we already call upon an intention or purpose for being there. When we are crystal clear on what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and who we’re doing it for, then any distractions will still not be able to keep us from achieving our goals. For more details on how yoga can improve your job, you can read it here.

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