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There are quite a number of sticky yoga mats that offer more than sufficient cushion to support the joints and muscles. However, during the first few weeks of usage, it can be very common for one to slip and slide around a brand-new high-quality mat. The most ideal way for one to break into their yoga mat and avoid slipping about is simply to use it as often as one possibly can. Aside from that, there are still a number of ways to expedite the process in order to make your mat feel like home sooner.

Firstly, you can try a salt scrub. In a sense, it is providing your new mat with an “exfoliating” treatment to aid in breaking down the initial layer and help one to find stability in poses. Basically all you have to do is to sprinkle your mat with a mix of sea salt and warm water. Then, you can either choose to wipe it down with a stiff-bristled brush (if you have one) or a cotton washcloth. If the weather permits, there are some people who realised that leaving their mats out in the sun on a hot day can help to break them in too.

Secondly, you can do more than just yoga with your mat. In other words, do not immediately roll up your mat after the practice is over. Instead, try stomping around with your bare feet while watching the television. Alternatively, you can move through a quick workout video on your mat. As mentioned earlier, the more you make use of it, the more it will loosen up. Essentially, you will just need to get more creative with how you use your mat. Hopefully, by having your yoga mat out more often, it will encourage you to be active even more.

Finally, try grabbing a towel. If you still feel that you have difficulty getting grounded on your new mat, placing a towel on top of it can be of assistance. Initially, you may have to modify certain poses more often than you would prefer, but it is the most ideal way of practicing on your new gear without feeling held back. Actually, a big beach towel is capable of doing the job. There are also specific yoga towels for such purposes. For the full story, you can refer here.

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