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In order to become great in a certain skill, one has to constantly practice and improve. Even if one is new to a certain craft, they would need to start somewhere. Usually, the first step is always the hardest due to a fear of under-performing. However, if one does not overcome his or her fear, then he or she will never be able to become skilled in that specific craft. This goes the same for yoga instructors. There are many who get really nervous, especially during their first class. Here are some tips that might be of aid to new instructors.

Firstly, always remember the reason that led you to become an instructor. Each instructor’s motivation varies. However, the common factor shared by all is the desire to share the benefits of the practice with others. If you feel lost, always take a step back and remember your love for yoga. From there, recall how it led you to want to share it with others.

Secondly, remember what yoga truly is. If you want to teach anything, you have to first know what it is and what it stands for. If you are unable to convince yourself of the answer, then you can’t expect to develop any meaning for it.

Thirdly, it is important to only teach the things you know and are capable of doing. If you yourself do not have the ability to perform a certain pose, then you shouldn’t be getting others to do it. It doesn’t make sense to teach something that you do not know or are unable to perform.

One of the most essential tips to hold on to for the rest of your life is to be prepared for every session. This means that you should have already planned in advance the poses that you intend to be teaching. If time permits, you should also do the entire routine yourself to see how it feels. It would be extremely unprofessional to go into a class without any prior preparations.

Also, remind yourself that you are teaching students. In other words, these individuals may not be as versatile or knowledgeable as yourself. It is your duty to guide them through the obstacles that they may face along the way. At the same time, it is also your responsibility to keep a lookout for them and their safety. If they are performing a pose in an incorrect manner, then you should correct them and show them the proper technique.

Lastly, when you are teaching a class, you have to always bear in mind that it isn’t about you. The focus should always be on your students, so try encouraging to do better. For more details, you can check it out here.

OMG Yoga Singapore is always on the look for yoga instructors. Hence, if you are residing in Singapore and have a certificate that is recognised by the Yoga Alliance, feel free to send in a yoga instructor application to us.

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