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Yoga used to be considered a trend over the years. However, it has now grown to become a more widely accepted lifestyle and discipline that is practiced by millions worldwide mainly for its positive impact on both mental and physical health. Although yoga has been an ancient practice since eons ago, it has only recently caught up in popularity in the western hemisphere.



According to Sports Marketing Surveys, an approximate 20 million Americans above the age of 18 practiced yoga in 2012 alone. The number is a rather significant increase from 16 million just four years before that. In fact, the rapid growth of participants doesn’t really come as a surprise to those already involved in the practice. They are already aware that the practice is capable of relieving stress and improving overall fitness. Aside from that, yoga also has the ability to alleviate chronic pain as well as reduce risk factors for chronic conditions including heart disease and high blood pressure.

Despite the various benefits yoga has to offer to every individual, one should never mistake the practice as a form of medical treatment. It can act as a supplement to one’s treatment plan, but not as a standalone. Hence, it is always recommended to seek professional medical treatment from doctors when dealing with health problems. If you have the intention of incorporating yoga into your lifestyle, but have no idea where to begin then here are some essential tips that might come in handy.

You must always ensure that you are working with a professional. In other words, verify that the yoga instructor is certified and has the necessary qualifications to teach. When you first begin your class, remember to take things slowly. Yoga is all about relaxation and by rushing or pushing yourself, it only defeats the purpose of the practice. Ideally, warm up before each of your yoga session. In fact, there are quite a number of instructors nowadays who will incorporate a basic warm up during the first five to ten minutes of their classes. Keep in mind to dress appropriately for your classes. As flexibility is a key part of the practice, ensure that the clothes you wear do not restrict your movement. At any time during the session should you feel physical discomforts or problems, stop and rest. This can be quite common for beginners, so take note of your limits. For more details, you can read here.

At OMG Yoga, we only offer you instructors who have been certified by schools recognised by the Yoga Alliance. We only want our students to have a fulfilling yoga class with us.

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