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Prenatal yoga is a style of yoga designed specially for expecting mothers. In fact, it is an excellent, low-impact exercise, suitable for mothers who are reluctant to haul both their baby and belly onto the treadmill.



“It makes you stronger all over, and that’s not only preparing you for the labor and delivery, but also for when you’re going to be carrying that baby around,” stated Kahlil Kuykendall, who is a certified prenatal yoga instructor at Capitol Hill Yoga in Washington, D.C. During the delivery of a baby, breathing plays a major role. This is the reason why prenatal yoga has a major focus on long inhales and exhales. “It’s breathing in that final hour, when the baby is descending, where it all comes together. You need strength from the yoga postures, but it’s that breathing that’ll help to relax the mind and nervous system,” added Kahlil.

To sum it up, both the breathing and relaxation techniques used in prenatal yoga is to prepare one for labor. According to Karen Prior, a registered prenatal yoga instructor in Oklahoma City, yoga teaches one to “slow the heart rate, clear the mind and relax the body”. That along with strengthening postures can increase the confidence of woman, especially for those in their first pregnancies. Aside from that, they will also be able to socialise and listen to tips from others. “They’re all of a sudden in a community with women who are making the same choices and lifestyle changes that they are. And they become a support group for each other as their new families are forming,” said Karen.

Many pregnant ladies have this uncertainty of whether the practice of prenatal yoga will be safe for them. It is definitely safe and growing worldwide. One just have to obtain the green light from their doctors and look out for an instructor who is trained specifically in prenatal yoga. Their credentials can be checked via the certificate that they hold. It is highly recommended to seek for instructors that are recognised by the Yoga Alliance. These instructors have a minimum of 100 hours of training before being certified. If you would like to read on more about other things you should know about prenatal yoga, do check it out from here.

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