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This may be in the states, but the concept is still quite intriguing because we don’t have it in Singapore either. Ritual, a new yoga studio in town located in Laguna Beach, California, is only in it’s fourth week of operation. However, it has attracted quite a lot of attention with its concept of mixing yoga with art. By incorporating art paintings into its studio, Ritual intends to differ its studio from your traditional yoga studios. The purpose is to give their clients a whole different feel and experience while practicing yoga.

With this part art gallery and part yoga studio concept, students can practice their yoga postures amidst the work of art while outsiders can walk in to take a look at the art collection and purchase them if they would like to. This fusion of art and yoga didn’t just randomly occur. In fact, the history of the building has quite a major impact on the studio’s concept. “The art aspect came about really organically, because this building was the very first commercial art gallery in Laguna, so this is a very significant property in the art landscape of Laguna. It didn’t make any sense to destroy that, and I really wanted to honor the history of the building by keeping that art gallery feel and to restore it and give it back to the community,” stated Gabby Levine, who is the owner and also an instructor at Ritual.

In fact, the location of the studio itself (1390 S. Coast Hwy) has also a part to play in incorporating the art gallery concept. In order to link yoga and art, Gabby only brings in art pieces that are clean, sophisticated and contemporary with aspects of nature, physicality and spirituality. This ensures that the “yoga” aspect isn’t removed from the equation as that is their main business. Furthermore, as Ritual as an independent studio, Gabby has more control over her classes.

“We’re not a corporate studio, so I’m able to create classes with teachers that are more dynamic, a little more out-of-the-box. I’m able to give teachers the creative freedom to take their students to a deeper level and reach a deeper layer than they might be able to elsewhere. [The teachers are able to] give their students personal attention due to smaller class sizes that allow them to understand what their students want, and the ability to be able to adjust more personally in classes and make it a more intimate workshop-style environment.”

So far, her main yoga business has been slow and steady. However, Gabby would also like to see growth in the newly revived art gallery as well. She feels that this is a significant part of the place too. For the full article, you can check it out here.

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