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A recent survey in the United Kingdom shows that up to ten per cent of the population suffer from stomach pains. This is not only a symptom in the UK. In Singapore, it is also quite a common norm. Although there are medications, which can be bought from pharmacies to relieve the symptoms, the key to having a good digestive system is still moderation and balance.


According to the new ‘Life in Rhythm plan’, which was designed by fitness experts and nutritionists, there are a couple of factors that can alter our digestion. Firstly, it is the combination of the foods that we eat. Secondly, it is the mood that we are experiencing. Thirdly, it is the amount of physical activity we undertake. All these factors are determined on a daily basis. For any individual who is suffering from a sensitive stomach and wish to make an improvement to their digestive system, incorporating yoga into your daily routine can be of assistance. It can ultimately improve on your overall energy level as well as ease the discomfort that you may be having.

An exercise routine such as either Yoga or Pilates has the ability to maintain flexibility, strength and correct one’s alignment. At the same time, it can still be fitted into the busiest of routines. For those who are unaware, every pose offers different benefits. For movements that stretches the chest, it helps to improve breathing. This in turn will stimulate healthy intestinal contractions. As for movements that stretches the pelvic and abdominal area, it can help to reduce inflammation and strengthen your lower muscles. These are only some examples. There are still many other postures out there to assist in solving sensitive stomachs.

As we all should know, exercises work hand in hand with the food that we consume. Therefore, we must always remember to eat everything in moderation. A recommended healthy diet with steamed vegetables, less meat, reduced dairy and wheat can provide one with good internal support. Aside from diet, always remember to reduce your stress levels by learning to breathe deeply and slowly. Laughter is also a great method of relieving stress and boosting the immune system. Lastly, try to avoid having a high alcohol or milk intake. Instead, substitute them with plenty of water or diluted fruit juice. For more information, check it out here.

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