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From all of the previous posts, you would have figured out by now that yoga offers multiple benefits to one. Some of these benefits include increased strength, improved flexibility, enhanced breathing and reduced stress. However, just like any other form of exercise, practicing yoga does come with a certain level of risk involved. The good thing about yoga is that injuries occur very rarely. In fact, they usually only occur when one doesn’t listen to their body. In other words, they push themselves way above their limit.


“The No. 1 injury we’ll see is the too-much-too-soon type of injury, where people are overly enthusiastic or over-estimate what their body can tolerate and dive in with a bit too much vigour,” stated Simon Cooke, a physiotherapist at Kinsmen Sports Centre Physical Therapy Clinic. Should an injury occur, it is usually muscle strains or tears in the ham-strings. Simon mentioned that in order to recover from this, one should rest for two to four weeks and do only light exercises for the time being. “You’re trying to gain the strength back in the injured tissue and make it as strong as it can be before you start to stretch it and pull it apart again,” he explained.

Other injuries that can occur are usually in the shoulders, knees and back. “If you’re newer to the practice, definitely take it slower. Try to put the Type A personality away and just drop the ego,” said Angela Zawada, the owner of Moksha Yoga in Glenora, Alta. For beginners, a group class can sometimes be too overwhelming. This is because you are forced to follow the pace of the instructor. Furthermore, the instructor has to cater to the entire class, which might not always be all beginners. This will mean that the pace might not always be suited all beginners. Hence, you might want to consider taking a private class for a start first. By having one-to-one lessons, the instructor’s attention will be fully focus on you. In other words, you will get to learn at your own pace. This ensures that you are performing every post correctly.

“The best thing to do is just with-in your practice really back out of the pose if something is tweaked already,” said Angela. For those who are suffering or recovering from injuries, styles such as Therapy Yoga and Restorative Yoga would make a good option. For the full article, do check it out here.

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